Monopoly Properties on an Actual Map

Monopoly’s a great game, isn’t it?  Did you know that the properties in the US version of the game are named after actual streets in Atlantic City, NJ?

We had a thought: What would it look like if you drew lines on the ACTUAL streets on Atlantic City?  Well, here you go:

We made this using the ‘Custom Maps’ feature of Google Maps, and the embedded map is below:

View Monopoly Streets in a larger map

Some interesting notes:

  • Click on a road to see the road name.
  • The sub-groups of properties are all physically close with one another.
  • St. Charles Place no longer exists and is now a parking lot.
  • Illinois Avenue was renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
  • The yellow properties of Ventnor Avenue and Marvin Gardens are actually just south of Atlantic City in Ventnor, NJ.  Scroll southwest on the map to see them.
  • Marvin Gardens is actually a set of homes set within a rectangle of streets, and is actually called “Marven Gardens”.  The name was a typo in the original version of the game, and has remained that way in subsequent versions of the game.
  • I made Mediterranean and Baltic a dark purple, which was how it was on my copy of the game. The color was changed to brown in later versions of the game.

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