Month In Review – 2011-11

Every month we’re going to attempt to do a meta-review of the site, using graphs of course.


We had a “soft launch” towards the end of October with a few hits, but we really took off in November, starting with a post about my Halloween Candy experiences this year, which was shared out by Geekadelphia.

Red bars represent days with new posts, and Blue bars are days without new posts.

We thought an interesting stat to look at would be the number of pageviews per visitor.  On days where the diamond is above 1, it represents where on average people clicked on something else within the site beyond just their initial entry page.  The highest day for that was 11/10/2011, when Drew had his post on Scrabble.

All in all, we’re very happy that in our first month we had 737 visits and 1,049 pageviews.  Thank you!

Visits by Post


(266) – my halloween candy in graphs
(222) – site index
(161) – most valuable cities in ticket to ride
(85) – what word should i play
(62) – top 10 most popular cities in north america
(50) – most populous city by state
(33) – better than watching the detroit lions
(23) – geotagging visualization of philadelphia
(18) – twitter on 11-11-11
(12) – graphs we love: espn’s stats info twitter
(9) – graphlink: invisible bread
(4) – nfl championships per year
(1) – stanley cup 2011 sparklines
(1) – welcome to graphgraph
(102) – category, tag, & author pages (we kept this separate to keep the focus on individual posts or the site index)

Twitter, Facebook & Google Reader

Right now that chart is pretty barren.  However in future months we’ll see a line chart (with hopefully a lot of growth).

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Thanks again to everyone for making this first month a success!