About GraphGraph.com

Information is everywhere.  Millions (if not billions) of points of data are being captured every minute.

Data visualization is the art and science of taking that information and using form, shapes, and colors to display it in a way for humans to process, analyze, and better comprehend a world full of data.

GraphGraph.com is for those who love graphs. On this site, we will share with you:

  • Original posts where we gather data and create graphs of interesting information
  • History of data visualization and debates on what successful visualization looks like
  • Resources in improving the visualizations you create for your job and your life
  • Links to other sites showing great (and not so great) uses of visualization
Contacting GraphGraph
Email: online@graphgraph.com
Twitter: @graphgraphblog
Facebook: GraphGraph
GraphGraph Contributors
Corey Hulse (@coreyhulse) – Corey’s day job is a business intelligence consultant for Thorogood Associates, a consulting firm that delivers business intelligence capabilities, portals, analytics and advanced reporting to leading blue-chip clients across the globe.  Corey also moonlights as a geek, where he writes for Geekadelphia, sometimes writes for his own blog, sometimes pretends to be a photographer, and most of the time spends too much time on the Internet.
Andrew Hill (@andrewhhill) – Andrew tries not to let people know what a nerd he is, but when he spends the second half of the Super Bowl wondering how many championships the Packers win on a per year basis the facade quickly falls away. He has a day job, but prefers to define himself by his various moonlight occupations – freelance graphic design, and writing for various blogs (including, like Corey, Geekadelphia.) He is the commissioner of his Fantasy Football league and has difficulty putting down his iPhone.

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