Pinball World Championships – PAPA 20

Every year the Pinball World Championships are hosted by the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association.  The 20th edition of the event, PAPA 20, was in April 2017 and held just outside Pittsburgh, PA.

There were a number of competitions held during the course of the event.  Players were slotted into four Main divisions based on their incoming World Ranking, and additional contests here held focused on Seniors, Women, Juniors, and daily contests dedicated to older “Classics” machines.

Each division has a series of machines that the players attempt to qualify on.  Players purchase entries for the machines and try to post their best score.  Their scores are ranked against everyone else playing that machine and they earn qualifying points.  The highest qualifiers in each division move on to Match Play format where an eventual winner in crowned in each division!

I’ve created an interactive application in Tableau which is linked below.  Explore the data, and enjoy!!/vizhome/PinballWorldChampionships/Welcome

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